Willful and Original

That's how the products of the Dutch interior design label 'VOLT studio' can be characterized. 

Whatever is alive around us is reflected in their designs. The result: sleek and original designs, or - as they themselves prefer to point out: VOLT studio is raw, fresh, and clean.

About VOLT Studio:

For a decade Edgar van Aalst and Michèle Swart owned a skateboard shop in Utrecht and were active in the scene. After having sold the business, Edgar lent his creative mind to advertising agencies and TV producers, while Michèle set up a business in home decorations. With a view to this latest object they roamed all the major fairs.             Often they did not find what they were looking for, and therefore the couple decided to start up their own interior design label: 'VOLT Studio', referring to the endless stream of ideas and energies that underlie this particular brand.

VOLT Studio products are regularly to be seen on TV and in magazines.